FAQs of Rich Text Editor

Sale FAQs

Yes. Simply click here to download an evaluation version of Rich Text Editor software now. There is no charge. Put Rich Text Editor to the test in your own specific applications.
Yes, we offer discount to non-profit organizations depending on the organizations line of work. Please write to support@cutesoft.net for more information.
Product major version updates are released generally every year. Minor version updates are released every 3-4 months. CuteSoft offers product free minor version upgrades.
Upon purchase, you will receive an instant notification via email with the download details of your product. You can register the order and download the license file right away.
The license you purchase is a lifetime license, and you do NOT need to pay license fees at any time after your purchase. There are no additional monthly or yearly fees to use the software.
We accept both check and direct wire transfers. For more information regarding these forms of payment, please contact us.
Absolutely, We love customer input, ideas, and suggestions. Please feel free to contact us anytime with your feature suggestion, or post in our forums. We will consider your request and place it on our todo list according to our understanding of importance of the feature. You can increase the priority of the feature by sending us a customization request.

This following article describes our licensing policy for the Rich Text Editor.

Rich Text Editor Licensing Info

Functionality FAQs

Rich Text Editor for asp.net is by far the fastest, cleanest, most powerful online wysiwyg content editor. It's also available for PHP and ASP. It enables asp.net web developers to replace any textbox/textarea with an intuitive word-like wysiwyg html editor.
All features work the same as they do in the full version. The evaluation version using a temp license file which will expire in about 30 days. Once you place the order, you will be automatically redirected to client center. In client center, you can register and download your own license file.
No, Rich Text Editor is completely self contained and requires no outside plug-ins or add-ons.
Yes. All labels, buttons, tooltips and messages are located in external XML files, so that the language of the editor can be switched with a single property. You can also create a new language in a matter of minutes.
Yes! Editor control provides several built-in skins that are ready to use. Developers can completely change the appearance of the toolbar and the dialogs by simply modifying the supplied classes and images.
Yes, Rich Text Editor has an option that allows you to pass through the image directory when it is loaded.This is especially useful when integrating Rich Text Editor into a CMS application where each user needs a separate image path.
Yes, Rich Text Editor allows for uploading multiple files, please check the RTE online demo.
Yes. Rich Text Editor works in a hosted medium trust environment.
Yes. Rich Text Editor works ASP.NET MVC environment.